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Because, 'cause or cause, How should I transcribe it?

Because and 'Cause

For the English audios, we have two ways to write the word "Because":

  • Because
  • 'Cause 

If the speaker contracts the word while speaking, you must write the word as you hear it. When it's a contraction, use the word 'cause. It's important that you use the apostrophe in this contraction to differentiate it form the word "cause". 

For example.
You have an audio that says:

"I was late 'cause it started to rain"


In this case, we have to understand the context and listen carefully that the speaker is using a contraction in the word "Because", you should transcribe literally, if the speaker makes the contraction you should transcribe the word in a contracted form as follows:

[00:00:00] I was late 'cause it started to rain. 


It would be incorrect to transcribe:

[00:00:00] I was late cause it started to rain. X

[00:00:00] I was late because it started to rain.X


If the speaker does not use a contraction and says the whole word, you must write the complete word "because".



Do not confuse the contraction 'cause (because) with the word "cause".

Cause means to make something happen when is used as a verb, or a principle someone's really committed to and willing to defend, when is used a a noun.

You have an audio that says:

The cause of global warming is pollution 

You will have to transcribe:

[00:00:00] The cause of global warming is pollution.

It would be incorrect to transcribe:

[00:00:00] The 'cause of global warming is pollution.


Here we must understand that from the context the speaker wants to express "cause" and not "because".