Can I change the language of my account?

The language of the tasks:

When you register for the first time in the Workhub, you must complete certain information in order to start completing tasks.

One of the questions you have to answer is which is your native language. It is important that you complete this information correctly, as all the tasks you complete in the Workhub will be in that language.

You will not be able to complete tasks in other languages or change the language after the first time you selected it.

Account interface language

Unlike the language of your tasks, you can change the language of the Workhub's display. This means that all titles, descriptions, and sections of the Workhub can change depending on which language you choose.

To select the language of the display you must click the flag that represents the language you want. This appears on the right side of the screen at all times.

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The languages available are Spanish, English, French.

If the flag representing the language you want to select does not appear, it is because you have already selected it and the Workhub's display is already in that language.