Common errors in "What's it about?" tasks.

"Social security, last 4 numbers" or "Social Security, full number"

Other Number

Numbers without context

Not Related

"Social security, last 4 numbers" or "Social Security, full number"


If mentioned in the audio:

  • Social
  • Social Security number
  • Your social number

You must select "Social Security, full number"

If mentioned in the audio:

  • Last four of the social
  • Security number, last four.
  • Last four digits of social security number


You must select "Social security, last 4 numbers"



1. You must be alert to the keywords:

  • "your social", "social security", "social security number"... for "Social Security, full number"
  • "last four of social" ... for "Social security, last 4 numbers"

It must contain the word "social" to determine if it is one of these two options.


2. You must understand the context of the sentence:

[00:00:00] And your social?
[00:00:02]  Nine three nine eight.

Correct answer: Social Security, full number


Other Number, Numbers without context or Not related


You must choose "Other Number" when a number is mentioned, but you cannot associate it to any tag.

[00:00:00] Okay, I'm here to verify three values with you.

In this example "three values" is mentioned, but "three values" is not registered as a tag, then it is said to belong to other numbers.


Let's look at a more difficult example:

[00:00:00] Okay.
[00:00:04] Okay, Susan. What's the last four?

Must not be tagged as "Social security, last 4 numbers", since it doesn't say Social.

In the sentence "What are the last four?", it could be:

What are the last four records you added to the system?

What are the last four items on the shopping list?

  • Therefore, it does not specifically refer to a Social Security Number.
The answer to the above example is: Other Number


You must choose "Numbers without context", when only numbers are mentioned.

[00:00:00] One two six seven.

[00:00:00] Two two one six nine seven.

These numbers can also be accompanied by other text, but from the context you cannot figure out what the numbers refer to.

For example:

[00:00:00] Four eight one.

[00:00:02] Nine four eight one. How was your morning?


You must choose "Not related", when the conversation is not about any number (Nor amount, nor date, nor code, etc.)

[00:00:00] What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon?

[00:00:00] Yes, I would like to live in Paris.


"Credit Card Number", "Credit/Debit card last 4 numbers" or

"Card Security Code (CVV, CSC, CVC)


Credit Card Number

Keywords: "credit card number", "card number", "Debit Card Number".

[00:00:00] A valid credit or debit card number is required.


Credit/Debit card last 4 numbers

Keywords: "Last four" and "credit card" or "debit card"

You should pay attention if the last four digits of the credit card are mentioned.

Not to be confused with "Social security, last 4 numbers".

Can you give me the last four digits of your credit card number?

CVV Number | Card Security Code (CVV, CSC, CVC)

Keyword: "C V V number", "C S C number", "C V C Number"

Remember that it does not matter if numbers are mentioned or not, if C V V number is mentioned, you must place this tag, but there should be a reference to the C V V number.

[00:00:00] I need your C V V number.

[00:00:00] Can you give me the three digits on the back of your card?


Please note, if the audio refers to a "security number" or a "security code", you shouldn't use the tag "C V V number". You must use the tag "Other Number".


Also, if the audio refers only to three digits, for example:

[00:00:00] Five one seven.
[00:00:03] Thank you, sir. Alright, let me get.

The proper tag to use is not CVV number, but, in this case, "Undetermined".