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Common errors when using tags

Some collaborators are having trouble with the proper use of some tags, so we will explain how to use them correctly.

You should not type the tags from the keyboard, you should press the corresponding shortcut key and select the appropriate tag.


F8: nonverbal sounds, Read more.

F6: footnote [FOREIGN] Read more.

F4: footnote [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00] Read more.

If you have a laptop computer, you may need to use the Fn shortcut key followed by the Shortcut Key corresponding to each label. Example: Fn + F8.

Learn how to use the shortcut keys, click here


Sta" (Static) and "Noise" (Noise or other ambient sounds) tag

The "Sta" and "Noise" tags belong to the category of ambient sounds.

  • The "Sta" tag does have a tag assigned to it.
    If you hear an interference or static sound, use the "Sta" tag.  

[sta 00:00:00] with its respective timestamp.

 Examples of sounds with static:


Using the "Noise" tag for Noise or other ambient sounds

If you hear a dog, a motorcycle, TV sound, car engine, or any other noise or ambient sound that is not registered with its own tag and does not appear when pressing the F8 shortcut key in the transcription tasks, you should select the "Noise" tag: [noise 00:00:00]

Each of the following ambient sounds we show you have a tag, and therefore, shouldn’t be tagged as “Noise”:

  • Beep -- Answering machine
  • Telephone dialing
  • Static -- Continuous background noise
  • Voice recorder answering machine
  • Music or singing
  • Keyboard sounds
  • Telephone ring

If you cannot find the label for the ambient sound you are hearing, use the label that corresponds to Other ambient sounds - different to all listed

[noise 00:00:00] with its respective timestamp.


Nonverbal" and "Inaudible" tag

Use of the tag "Nonverbal" [nonverbal 00:00:00].

The label "Nonverbal" belongs to the category of “Other Human Sounds”:

Each of the following human sounds shown below has a tag, so they shouldn’t be tagged as “Nonverbal”:

  • Applauses
  • Yawn, breath, or sigh
  • Lipsmark
  • Sneeze, cough, or throat clearing
  • Hiccup
  • Crying or sobbing
  • Laugh
  • Rage/Fury
  • Cheers -- Hip hip hurray


If you do not find the label for the human sound you are hearing, use the label that corresponds to Other human sounds (different to all listed):

[nonverbal 00:00:00] with its respective timestamp.


If you hear a burp, someone chews, snoring, finger-snapping, moaning, or other sounds, and this is not on the list, you must place the label "Nonverbal" with its respective timestamp.

Use of the "Inaudible" tag

If a word, a phrase, or a whole conversation fragment is completely incomprehensible to you, either because of the presence of ambient noises, music or because the speaker does not express clearly enough, you must mark it by typing the footnote INAUDIBLE 00:00:00

You may wonder if music or the presence of ambient noise is mentioned, does "Inaudible" replace the label "Noise"?

No, only when an ambient sound interferes with the main speaker's voice and because of this you cannot understand what the person is talking about you should set "Inaudible". 

The audio has no sound and no one is talking?

If the complete audio contains absolute silence (i.e., you hear no voices or non-verbal sounds), you should place only the time tag and the footnote INAUDIBLE.

[00:00:00] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00]

Do not use the tags [non-verbal], [sta], [noise] if the audio is muted, doing so will jeopardize your account.