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Work faster using keyboard shortcuts.

To facilitate your work, you can make use of the shortcut keys, which we will explain below.

New function:

Now you can add tags with a click.

Work faster on your smartphone or laptop.

  • For desktop: Right click, and you will be able to select the corresponding label.
  • For mobile: Hold down the screen for a few seconds.

Shortcut keys to register tags


Use the "F4" key to register the tag "Inaudible".

Atajo F4-EN


Use the "F6" key to register the label "Foreign".

Atajo F6-EN



Use the "F8" key to record nonverbal sounds.


Atajo F8-EN

Shortcut keys on the player


Use the "Esc" key to pause/play the audio.

Atajo ESC"F1"

Use the "F1" key to go back 3 seconds.

Atajo F1


Use the "F1" key to replay the audio.

Atajo F2