Atexto Rewards

We are looking for better and equitable work experience for all our collaborators, so we are looking for new technical errors and forms of committing fraud in Atexto, so if you're the first person reporting one of them you'll be rewarded:

  • By reporting a NEW technical issue in Atexto ($10USD Reward).
  • By reporting a NEW way of committing fraud in Atexto ($100USD Reward).

How to inform us?

You must contact us through the -Workhub support channel- by clicking the blue question mark on the right-bottom corner and then clicking "Send a Message".

Write your e-mail, choose "General issue" and then be the most descriptive possible by explaining the issue or fraud way, also if you can attach screenshots it'll help us to understand what's happening! 

Once we evaluate your information, you'll be contacted. If you'd been the first person reporting it, you'll be rewarded.