Accounts that need to be reviewed

To preserve the work of other collaborators and guarantee the high quality necessary for our clients, accounts that incur in various forms of fraud or jeopardize the quality of transcripts need to be reviewed.

Common reasons why accounts need to be reviewed:

  • Deleting full transcriptions and putting the tag [INAUDIBLE] repetitively.
  • Opening the same task (audio) in multiple tabs or windows and submit it.
  • Send tasks with no changes made or without deleting letters that should not be.
  • Submit transcription assignments with missing or leftover words, compared to audio.
  • Create more than one account, we only allow one account per person!
  • Delete the entire transcript and make it from scratch when it was not necessary.
  • Deliver a task with the text repeated twice when the audio contains the "text" once.

My account was blocked, what do I do?

  • Send an email to
    • Use as the subject of the email: Review my Atexto account (You need to use exactly this subject).

Remember: your account needs to be reviewed only if when you try to log in you receive a sign that says that your account needs to be reviewed. If you can log into your account, but you have no tasks, that means there are no tasks available at the moment, but your account doesn't need to be reviewed.

Will I get my account back?

Sending the e-mail is no guarantee that the account will be activated again. The review team will independently assess each case and will rely on the severity of the actions to make a determination. Accounts that have incurred some form of fraud will not be activated again.

How long does the review process take?

Due to the number of accounts in the same situation and the fact that the review team takes the time to independently evaluate each account, this is a slow process. There is no specific time frame for the evaluation, if it is decided to re-activate an account, the team in charge will contact the collaborator.

What about my accumulated money?

The money will remain in the account until the completion of the review process. In case the account is activated again it will be reopened with the accumulated total.

I cannot log into my account and I had already requested a withdrawal, what happens to my payment?

If you had already requested a withdrawal, prior to this situation, it will be retained until it goes through a new review process. For the most part, these types of payments are not released since the tasks delivered before the account was reviewed do not meet the minimum quality requirements of Atexto.

Could my account need to be reviewed due to a failure of the system?

No. If your account needs to be reviewed, check what you might have done that broke Atexto’s rules.

We understand that many collaborators make these mistakes without bad intention or from the ignorance of the rules. To avoid this, we advise you to read the transcription guide.

 If you don’t know or have doubts about how a task is done, ask! Our support team will help you with any questions that may arise.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a task or don’t know how to do it, quit that task and take the next one.