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How and when the footnote INAUDIBLE 00:00:00 has to be used?


If a word, a phrase or a whole fragment is completely incomprehensible to you, either by the presence of ambient noise, music or because the speaker is not speaking clearly enough, you should register it by using the tag INAUDIBLE 00:00:00 only once to replace the word or phrase that is not understood. 

To do it automatically and avoid typing the tag, use the F4 key.

If the entire audio contains complete silence (that is, you do not hear voices or non-verbal sounds), you should only place the time stamp and the INAUDIBLE footnote.

On the other hand, background music, applause, and other noises in the environment in general, should not be recorded in any way.
Example of using INAUDIBLE 00:00:00 when suddenly a person sneezes or the sound of a horn makes it impossible to hear one or more words:


[00:00:00] The British Council published [INAUDIBLE 00:00:03] which recorded the evolution of cases.



[00:00:00] The British Council posted [INAUDIBLE 00:00:03] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:04] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:05] which recorded the evolution of cases.


The timestamp must be placed at the beginning of the incomprehensible pronunciation, word, or phrase, and if it is a whole fragment, the timestamp should be placed at the beginning of the fragment.


The audio should be marked as INAUDIBLE:

When you find an audio where you do not understand at all (from beginning to end) what the speaker is saying, or the audio quality is too poor, place only the time stamp and footnote INAUDIBLE.


[00:00:00] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00].

Listen to the following audio example: