How do I withdraw my funds?

After we correct your work, the amount will be credited to your account and viewable in Money:

To withdraw your funds, visit Money and click on Withdraw money (You can only see the withdraw button available on Friday):

After requesting your payment, you must wait between 3 to 5 business days for the transaction to get processed into your PayPal account.

You do not need to be the PayPal account holder, you can have your funds deposited into a friend or family member's PayPal account. 

You can keep your balance in your account as long as you want and later have it deposited into a PayPal account when you have earned a minimum of $10USD.

We do not charge a fee for withdrawing funds, but PayPal may do so depending on the country in which your designated PayPal account is registered.

PayPal account information is not stored on your profile, and you do not have to enter it in advance anywhere. You will only be asked for the email associated with your designated PayPal account when you withdraw funds.

There are no other available payment methods, only PayPal.