How much am I paid?

How much you are paid depends on the difficulty of the audio, the quality of your work, and other factors that can change day to day.

To see a list of all the transcriptions you have completed, visit your Profile:

To check the tasks that have already been corrected, you must click on the name of the task in blue, if it does not appear in blue and does not allow clicking, it is because the correction is still pending.

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When you disagree with a correction, report it by pressing "Report" next to the little gray flag that appears in the upper right corner of the screen the first time you open the correction.

The mistakes you make are deducted from your pay, so it is important that you learn the correct way to transcribe as soon as possible.

The pay you receive is proportional to your contribution to the final transcript. To receive 100% of the pay, you must have transcribed the segment from the beginning without making any mistakes. On the other hand, if you checked that there were no mistakes, but it turns out that there are, you will receive 0% of the pay because the effort we make to correct the mistakes you sent us is greater than your contribution to the final transcript.

Similarly, if a transcription falls below a certain threshold of quality, it's more difficult to correct it than to transcribe it again from the beginning. This is why if you do a transcription from the beginning but it has a lot of mistakes, your contribution is 0%. To receive 100% of the pay, you must have contributed 100% of the transcription.