How to complete voice recording tasks?

When you start a voice recording task:

  • Read carefully the prompt that appears on the screen without reading it aloud.
  • Respond aloud to the prompt.
  • Your response should be quick, if it doesn't give you enough time, click "repeat."

The correct way to solve these tasks is:

You have a prompt that says on the screen:

“How would you ask a call center representative to send you your favorite pizza from your favorite restaurant to your home?”

A correct answer is what you would naturally answer (out loud):

“I want to order an extra pepperoni pizza, with mushrooms, pineapple, and pepper.”It would be wrong to answer:

  • Repeating the prompt on the screen: "How would you ask a bot for your favorite pizza from your favorite place?"
  • “I want to order my favorite pizza from my favorite restaurant” (You should not repeat exactly what the prompt says.)
  • "I would ask the bot to bring me a pepperoni pizza" (You should not say "I would tell him", "I would ask what.")
  • "Client: I want to order a pepperoni pizza." (You should not specify when speaking that you are a customer or recipient of the message.)
  • Answer using a fake voice as if you were a radio or television announcer. Just answer with your own words.