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How to transcribe nonverbal sounds

When a nonverbal sound occurs such as a yawning, applauses, music, interjections, or a filler word you should always register it by using the F8 key.

Well eee let's keep working. = Well  [use F8 key to register the filler eee] let's keep working.

Never break up a word to register a sound. If the speaker makes the sound in the middle of a word, register it before the word:

I abso * ... RIIIIIIIIIIING ... * lutely agree = I  [use F8 key to register telephone ringing] absolutely agree.

Never register two identical sounds without at least one intermediate word, no matter, for example: That the speaker is laughing for several minutes or that there is music playing for several minutes only

What a good joke hahaha You made me laugh. = What a good joke. [use F8 key to register laughins] You made me laugh.

These are the nonverbal sounds you must register (categorized):


  • ah -- Expression of surprise, pain, etc.
  • eh -- For example: "Eh, you"
  • er -- The speaker is thinking
  • ew -- Expression of disgust or disgust
  • jeez -- Expression of surprise or annoyance
  • mm -- for example: "Mm, is delicious"
  • nah -- The speaker is saying no
  • oh -- Expression of surprise, pain, etc.
  • uh -- Question or confusion expression
  • uh-huh -- The speaker is nodding
  • uh-oh -- The speaker is saying no
  • um -- The speaker is thinking
  • whew -- Relief expression
  • whoa -- Surprise expression
  • yay -- Expression of  happiness
  • yep -- The speaker is nodding

Other human sounds

  • Applauses
  • Yawn, breath, or sigh
  • Lipsmark
  • Sneeze, cough, or throat
  • Hiccup
  • Crying or sob
  • Laugh
  • Rage/Fury
  • Cheers -- Hip hip hurra
  • Other human sounds -- different to all listed

Ambient sounds

  • Beep -- Answering machine
  • Telephone dialing
  • Static -- Continuous background noise
  • Voice recorder answering machine
  • Music or singing
  • Keyboard sounds
  • Telephone ring
  • Other ambient sounds -- different to all listed