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Premier or Premiere? Which to use?

The pronunciation of these two words can generate confusion, but once you know the meaning of each one, it will be easier to identify them depending on the context of the conversation.

Premiere / noun:

Premiere refers to the first time that a movie, a series or any type of entertainment is offered to the public, for example:

  • Money Heist (Season 4) will premiere in April 2020.

Premier / adjective:

Premier is more used as an adjective, it means "First", "Main" or "Older".  Usually, we also talk about "Premier members/clients", let's see some examples:

  • Premier desk this is Anny how may I help you? (For "Premier members")
  • This is the amusement park's premier attraction.

Premier / noun:

Premier can also be used as a noun, defined as "Prime Minister".