What does the work consist of?

The work consists of transcribing short audio segments following the rules of our Transcription Guide. It is not translation, but transcription, so you should never translate what the speakers are saying. 

You'll see an initial text on the screen and you'll have to change incorrect words, add missing words, or remove extra words. 

You always get 30 consecutive minutes to submit the task. You will not have to use Microsoft Word or download the files onto your computer. All the work is done online.

After you submit the transcription, we will thoroughly correct your work and give you feedback so that you learn from your mistakes and improve for the next time. Keep in mind that mistakes are deducted from your pay, so the best way to earn more money is to learn how to transcribe better every time.

You will be able to see the total amount you earned in the "My Money" section of your account and on Fridays, you will be able to withdraw funds to a PayPal account or you can keep your earnings in your account as long as you want and withdraw it in a later date.

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