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What should I transcribe when no one's talking?

Silence should not be transcribed. If no one on the recording is making any noise, don't transcribe anything.

Make sure you use headphones and that the sound from your computer works correctly, in isolated cases you will find audio completely silent.

When you find an audio with absolute silence (from beginning to end), place only the time stamp and the footnote INAUDIBLE.


Do not use the [non-verbal], [sta], [noise] tags if the audio is silent, doing so will compromise your account.

Correct Example:
[00:00:00] [INAUDIBLE 00:00:00]. 

  • If you hear phrases or words, literally transcribe what you hear.
  • If you hear words or phrases but can't make out what they're saying, use the [INAUDIBLE] tag.
  • If you hear noises or nonverbal expressions, indicate them with the [NONVERBAL] tag.