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When will my transcriptions be corrected?

Every transcription is thoroughly corrected before being sent to the final client because we want our transcriptions to be perfect: 100% accurate and free of mistakes.

The corrections of your tasks may take 1 to 7 business days. Most of the time it takes us a few hours to do them, other times it takes a few days. But, if this time has passed and you still have not received a correction, you will be credited the full payment for that particular task.

Also, while you wait for the corrections of some tasks you can continue making as many transcriptions as you like, it is not necessary to wait for all your tasks to be corrected.

After we have corrected your transcriptions, you will see the result in the "My Tasks" section of the Workhub. The idea is that you can learn from the mistakes you have made and this way you will be able to do better next time. Keep in mind that the fewer mistakes you make, the more money you make.

Also, if you have received a wrong correction you can report it. Learn how to do it here.