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How to transcribe when two people talk?

We know that audios with two speakers can be somewhat complicated to transcribe. In this article we will explain how to transcribe when two speakers are present.

Remember that you should place the timestamp only when you hear a new phrase from the next speaker, to add the timestamp just press the ENTER key.

We recommend that you always use headphones.

Example 1:

1. Listen to the audio:

Correct transcription:

[00:00:00] The process is almost complete [cough 00:00:03] sorry, Can you please tell me now the last four digits of your credit card?
[00:00:02] All right. It's zero, two, one, seven.
[00:00:10] That's it for the moment. Thank you.
[00:00:12] Thanks, have a great day.


Please note:

When listening to two people speak at the same time, you should place each speaker's sentence on separate lines.

"Cough" is a Nonverbal sound, to learn how to transcribe nonverbal sounds we remind you that: How to transcribe nonverbal sounds?


Example 2:

In this example we are going to analyze the situation in which one of the speakers makes a long pause and how you should transcribe the audio with that pause.


Listen to the following audio:


As you may have noticed, there is a silence from second 1 to second 5, please note that silences are not transcribed.

Correct transcription:

[00:00:00] Then let's see. The changes have been updated. Can you please confirm that you can see them?
[00:00:09] Okay, I'm updating right now. Yes, I can see the changes.
[00:00:14] Very good.


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