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Use of tags: Are emails mentioned in the audio?


Before submitting these tasks, you must answer if any of the speakers that appear in the audio have mentioned an email in the audio.

You must copy the email that appears on the transcript, click the "ADD EMAIL" button and paste the email into the white box.




1) The audio says:

[00:00:00] I need your email.

[00:00:00] Could you tell me your first and last name and your email?

In these cases, you must not add any email, since the speakers do not mention an email address directly.

2) The audio says:

[00:00:00] My email is John Smith at Gmail dot com.

[00:00:00] My email is John at Hotmail.

3) If an email is partially mentioned, also identify it as mail, for example:

[00:00:00] at Gmail dot com

[00:00:00] three seven at Yahoo dot


In these cases, you must put the mail, since the speakers mention email addresses directly.

You will see that a blank space appears to add the email. For this, you must select the email, copy it, and paste it in the blank space. Once this is done you must press the button that says Submit.


Do not write the email yourself in the white box: You have to copy and paste it, as it has to be exactly as it is written in the transcription!