What happens to my money if I want to delete my Atexto account?

We’re really sorry that you want to leave our community. But before this happens, please consider various factors regarding the money you have earned with us.

What happens to the money in my account?

If you cancel your account, all the money in it cannot be withdrawn in the future. Deleting your account is a permanent action, it is not reversible and therefore you will not be able to access it in the future to withdraw money.

What happens to the withdrawals that I have already made but have not yet been credited to my Paypal account?

If you have made a withdrawal from your Atexto account and it has not yet been credited to your Paypal account, we recommend that you wait a few days for the transaction to be completed and then delete your account. If you make a withdrawal and before receiving the money you cancel your account, that amount will not be credited to your Paypal account as it will be retained by our system.

Again, we regret that you want to leave our community, but if you want you can leave your comments here, as we seek to improve every day.